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Chinese Lunar Calendar With Reminder Full Version


MataPanda recognizes the importance of privacy as well as the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to mobile application "Chinese Lunar Calendar Reminder" provided by us :

Chinese Lunar Calendar With Reminder Full Version (No Ads)

What Personal Information Do We Gather?

MataPanda does not store any data from user.

But, because of the free version of this app is using Admob as part of the ads service. AdMob is a mobile application advertising platform created by Google. Therefore Admob maybe will store user data for the use of personal advertisement. click here to read Google privacy policy.

For the full version of this app, app allow user to backup and restore data from their google drive account, this data will be stored in their google drive account, this data will be share across the users devices which are using the same google drive account.

App Permission

MataPanda need some permission in order to make the app run smoothly without any issue.

For Full paid version, MataPanda need Storage permission in order to backup and restore user reminders list. MataPanda do not store any other data except for backup and restore reminders list.

For Android version 13 above, MataPanda need additional notification permission in order to send notification and the alarm to be able to ring on time.

Changes of the Privacy Policy

We may change this page from time to time. We retain the right to vary this policy at any time without prior notice.

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