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Chinese Lunar Calendar With Reminder

With Chinese Lunar Calendar with alarm/reminder, you will not missed your chinese date schedule any more, for example chinese birthday, burn incense every 1st & 15th day of the lunar month, it can remind you 1 day before and up to 2 weeks time.

Features :

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Chinese Lunar Calendar With Reminder Full Version (No Ads)

Chinese Lunar Calendar With Reminder Limited Version (With Ads)

Kalender Sembahyang Dengan Pengingat

Menggunakan Kalender Sembahyang Dengan Pengingat, kamu tidak akan melewatkan waktu sembahyang lagi, contohnya sembahyang che it & cap go sebulan bulan imlek, bisa juga digunakan untuk mengingatkan ulang tahun imlek seseorang, alarm bisa dibunyi dari hari itu, 1 hari sebelumnya sampai 2 minggu kemudian. Selain itu kalender ini juga berisi banyak sekali informasi kegiatan perayaan-perayaan ulang tahun / sejit / peringatan terhadap dewa dewi, buddha, tridharma & konghucu.

Fitur :

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Kalender Sembahyang Versi Lengkap (Tanpa Iklan)

Kalender Sembahyang Versi Terbatas (Dengan Iklan)

Simple Calendar With Daily Quote

Simple Calendar With Daily Quote, provide you with daily motivational quotes, daily rare words, this day in history, and more information on the selected date.

Features :

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Simple Calendar With Daily Quote (With Ads)

Handy Voice Talking Counter

Transform your exercise and stretching routines with our innovative voice counting app designed to enhance your workout experience. Set your pace with customizable features including a maximum count per loop, break intervals, counting speed adjustments, and round settings. For example, you can set it to count 20 times for 10 rounds. Additionally, the app now includes a timer from the start of the activity that displays how long you've been engaging in the activity and the current round. Stay motivated with Text-to-Speech (TTS) support for multiple languages, ensuring clear guidance throughout your workout. Enjoy background music with independent volume control to keep you energized without interfering with TTS prompts. Elevate your fitness regimen with precision and convenience using our comprehensive workout companion.

Simple Voice Count and pause loop, this app can assist you on your work out / stretching and other activities that required count loop. Need Music to give perfect mood on your work out ? You can choose background music from our curated music selections.

Features :

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Handy Voice Talking Counter (With Ads)

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